Saturday, May 07, 2005

Response to the Anonymous Commentator

Well anyway, I got a couple comments on my second post. There was one that was sort of negative, and that puzzled me. Not because I can't take criticism, but because I actually thought I had dispensed a fair amount of good advice and was surprised to see someone take issue with it. See, I've had this band for three years. We're not huge, but we have enough fans in our hometown to continually break even. We've sold CDs to people in four or five different countries. We've gone on a small tour, on which we played to handfuls of people in three states. I wouldn't say that we're doing everything right, and in fact, we do a number of things wrong. Sometimes, such as the week in which I posted my 40 pearls of wisdom, my band is a real pain in the ass. It puts a strain on my relationships, checking account, academic performance, and the timeframes of several goals I have for my life. But I still do it because it is fun and I believe in it.

But this jackass, whose cognitive abilities appear to have no means of detecting satire, must have taken a significant level of offense. If you, Mr. or Ms. The First happen to read this post, please understand, if you are able, that I am not apologizing. Also understand that if you were in a band, you would probably be familiar with a few of the headaches I mentioned and appreciate a few of the suggestions. You take me to task for my opinions, but many of them are criticisms and hassles with which I have had to deal while booking and playing in my own band; I feel that my opinions are at least informed enough, if not qualified, to pass along to anyone thinking of trying their hand at music. Then you accuse me of hiding behind the anonymity of a blog, yet you have made yourself unreachable. I have debated whether or not to respond to your carefully contemplated missive, but in the end, my mood today is such that I decided you do in fact merit a moderate quotient of my ire. So fuck off. Or better yet, go start your own band and experience all the ups and downs of having one. I'm sure it will be awesome and everyone will love it.

--The Robo-Pirate

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The Stash Dauber said...

opinions are like assholes: everybody's got one, and many of them stink.