Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Whoa Nelly!

Nelly Furtado is back with a new album! To celebrate, I've rewritten part of the chorus-outro to the "Like a Bird." Why? because I want her to read it and think I'm hilarious and marry me. Unless she's crazy. I don't want to marry her if she's crazy.

I'm like a bird,
Except I can't fly,
and I don't have feathers,
and I don't eat worms,

(but baby yeah) I'm like a bird,
but-with-a human-sized brain,
I don't bathe in a gutter,
I don't hatch from an egg

(butstillbabyyeah) I'm like a bird,
but don't live in a tree,
guess it's a bad simile,
doesn't really describe me

Ad nauseum.

--The Robo-Pirate


Wink said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for the laugh.

Liz said...

LOL sadly I never could tell what she said anyway.

alibean said...

i just made the most obnoxious laugh ever when i read this, because i tried to hold it in (since i'm at work). damn you robopirate! you make me look like a fool!