Friday, July 28, 2006

A Partial Retraction: Ken Jennings is not an asshole. He has been downgraded to a tool.

Well, I actually bothered to read Ken Jennings's blog about Jeopardy. I concede the following points:

  1. It appears that he is not ungrateful to Jeopardy!, remarking that it is putting his kids through college. That sounds grateful enough, I suppose.
  2. His other blogs are kind of funny.
  3. His thesis, buried under lame cracks about the show being stuck in 1984 (a pretty good year, as I recall), is really that Americans are idiots.

He is still beneath my contempt for his disparaging remarks about Alex Trebek.

I will not be deleting the post below, nor will be changing my practice of "take umbrage first, fact-find later."

--The Robo-Pirate


He is probably not a polygamist, as I only found references to one wife. He also no longer lives in Salt Lake City, but instead lives outside Seattle, which technically could be in Idaho, which has a pretty big Mormon population, relative to say, Mars.


But not Tonga. Apparently there are lot of Tongans who get married wearing Holy Underwear.


jen said...
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jen said...

Dear Robo-Pirate,

In reading your Jeopardy! double feature, I would like to share with you a few thoughts.
No. 1 – I have never watched Jeopardy!. It’s nothing against the show itself – BUT – I find TV to be unappealing.
PS- To all the members of TAHF – you are exempt from that statement.
No. 2 – I will agree with you on 1984 being a good year. Jen says, “That’s my birth year”.
No. 3 – In reading your first entry and your second, my opinion towards Mr. Jennings didn’t change much. I have read about him in the past, as he was in the news for his winnings. I personally find his blog amusing [opinion alert].

Thank you for your time,

(my pc spazzed out on the frist comment)