Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Google

If you look at the comments in the previous post, the fourth one takes issue with my and my friend Lauren's fun at the expense of the President's assumed lack of geographic knowledge. Okay fine. For all I know, George Bush is a geography wizard. It could be that he knows exactly where Carmen Sandiego is at all times, and if he doesn't, he can find her with the most basic clues. If that's the case, than I'm being unfair. I seriously doubt it, but whatever.

Regardless of what George Bush does or doesn't know about foreign capitals, it's obvious that his public articulation is laughably confused at best. Yesterday, he he told this lady on CNBC that he "occasionally" uses "the Google." Reread Lauren's first comment, and then say "the Google" in a generic foreign accent out loud; it will further prove her point. I used to know a kid from the Czech Republic whose favorite Nintendo game ever was "the Excited Bike." He probably uses "the Google," too.

But really, I'm just belaboring a point. Making fun of George Bush's elocution is an easy and tired target. Everyone has a slip of the tongue now and then, and some more often than others. Usually, though, those in the latter category don't fumble and backpedal their way into the Oval Office. In my previous post, I cited plenty of instances in which our disarmingly befuddled president has had dubious reign over the words plopping out of his mouth, but today I have video. I know it's not like Bush is the first President to sound confused, but at least Ronald Reagan* had an excuse, given that he was developing Alzheimer's. For Bush, what might have once been folksy charm has long since degenerated into country bumpkinism. In light of "the Google," I maintain that it's probably safe to assume that upon first hearing the word "Tbilisi," George Bush probably thought it was something he would be eating for dinner that night.

--The Robo-Pirate

And I see your most recent comment, Oh really?, but I maintain that he's still an idiot. If you read any of the articles I linked to, you'd find that he doesn't appear to think through what he says before making it public record. For a guy who has a teleprompter in front of him half the time, he makes a lot of mistakes, and that's pretty telling. And furthermore, I voted for him the first time around. I haven't been this disappointed in something I believed in since I found out Santa Claus was really my parents. I could forgive his public ineptitude if it wasn't constantly utilized to spin half-truths and outright lies.

*Plus, Ronald Reagan was a fantastically compelling speaker. Even Jim Wright, who hated the man, will acknowledge this if asked. And so you know, I did.


Oh really? said...

If you thought that the point of my comments was to defend the president, then you have completely missed the point. I could really care less about what you think about the president, nor am I myself any big fan of him.

Rather, I just found it most ironic that you both were slandering him as ignorant, all the while glaringly exposing YOUR ignorance.

To quote you, robo-pirate, "I'm just saying is all..."

Robo-Pirate said...

Well, really, we were slandering him as having a tenuous handle on spoken English. Insinuating that he might not know where places are was more of an afterthought. And yes, I knew that he had been to Georgia to commemorate elections or some such. I think you were just splitting hairs. It's not really ignorant to suggest that a person might not have prior knowledge of a place without a team of advisors to tell him where he is going and what he is going to say. He can read his prompter all right, but when the proverbial net's removed, his acrobatics are sub par. Here's a good example of that: http://www.525reasons.com/archives/000833.html#000833

lauren said...

Carmen Sandiego!!!! That is great.

Maybe next year for Halloween, I will be a geography wizard. That sounds fun. Or even Carmen Sandiego. I loved that show. I also had the cassette tape of Rocapella.

Wink said...


amanda said...

Reason I love Lauren #50024822049: She will readily and unabashedly admit that she had the casette of Roc-A-Pella.

I disagree with you on one point, Steve (talk about splitting hairs). I do not think that the president reads well. I think he is borderline illiterate, as evidenced by how flummoxed he becomes if he happens to lose his place on the prompter or when he tries to improvise.

I want the leader of the nation in which I happen to live and pay taxes to have a basic grasp of the English language and to not get a pass for his UTTER LACK OF PERSONAL LEADERSHIP ABILITIES because most of the populace could see themselves having a beer with him.

He runs the country like a CEO runs a company--he doesn't actually do any of the heavy lifting (i.e., thinking) himself. But when the shit hits the fan, he's also not accountable as he should be.

That said, for some reason I picked up a habit from my bosses of saying "the Target" and "the Subway" and "the Ulta." For me, it's a charming colloquialism, to be sure. Right?

Liz said...

When I think of Reagan, I always think of that muppet in that Phil Collin video. It is very disturbing.