Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Frost Giant's Daughter

I'm apologizing in advance, because this post is pretty much a repeat of the one last year about how people can’t drive when it’s cold. Not surprisingly, I really can't complain enough. Why is it that in this dumb town, whenever the weather is rumored to freeze, people completely lose their abilities to make rational decisions when sitting near the wheel of a car? Last night, I went over to watch a movie with Kerry (funnily enough, it was An Inconvenient Truth). He lives about five minutes away, and that's if the lights are bad. But last night, the traffic idiocy was such that my trip took fifteen fucking minutes--all because the mercury dropped down to 45 degrees. Every four-way stop featured retarded jackoffs simultaneously barreling into the intersections as if right-of-way rules have never existed. Imagine a bunch of near-sighted old people on acid driving bumper cars, and this is a little bit like what happens here every goddamn winter. I'm not saying I am the best driver, and frankly, I am terrified of driving on ice, but at least I error on the side of caution. These other assholes, though... it's like they forget/ignore all prior knowledge and experience of physics, traffic decorum and common sense.

I wish I lived in Hawaii.

--The Robo-Pirate

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Liz said...

The morning after the ice I was rushing from Las Collinas to Fort Worth and I about lost my mind. Even though all the news shows said it was icey, there was hardly any. I saw ice twice.

But people still slammed on their breaks right before they hit an over pass. Why don't these idiots get slamming on your breaks on ice is going to cause you to slide? It is better to go fast acrossed it than suddenly slow down.

Anyway, I'll move to Hawaii with you and we can be done with it.