Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, I goofed yesterday. Seeing as how it was my 30th birthday and all, I met a few buddies at Malone's Pub downtown. Part of the trip was to discuss a business venture, and I figured I'd have a beer or two. Or four. And a couple whiskey sodas. And a kamikaze. And something that was orange. And since I drank all that, I also figured that if I didn't have a booze-sponge of some sort in my stomach, I'd be really sorry in the morning. So I stopped at Whataburger and got the three-piece chicken strip meal. With an extra chicken strip. And I burned the roof of my mouth.

To my credit, I went for a short jog prior to going out, but the good it did was minor compared to the crap I ingested over the subsequent hours. Oh well. I did better today--the only thing I ate out of package were some pretzels. Hopefully, I'll get a run in after I've digested the salad I ate for dinner.


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