Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I should really do this more often.

Anyway, I was fortunate enough to receive an iPod for Christmas from my family. Suffice to say, I have most of my music collection on this thing, and I haven't even used up one sixth of its capacity. What I've realized is that I like NOFX waaaaaay more than I thought I did, as setting the iPod on shuffle causes it to play a NOFX track every fourth song or so. Stash said that he thinks people end up sticking with the music they liked when they were seventeen, which is probably why I've been listening to Fat Mike's snotty whine for three weeks straight. It's also probably why Darth Vato plays ska songs.

Another big development is that I moved into a new apartment in a better part of town, so theoretically, I shouldn't have to worry about my sneakers getting lifted from my patio. The new pad is almost double the size of my old one . I'm sans dog now, as my lovely girlfriend took him back to Albuquerque with her. I've learned to make the best of a long distance relationship, and in many ways it's been a really good thing for us, but I'm really missing her dog. He was the best roommate I've ever had, although to Eric's credit, he never ate my sunglasses or shat in my bed. As far as I know anyway. Eric, you'd tell me if you shat in my bed, right? RIGHT?

As for the New Year, I made a number of resolutions. I haven't maintained them in the strictest sense, but I've done okay. I haven't jogged in over a week, because I got a big tattoo (of a ship) on my back. It's almost done healing (right now it's itchy, like I've rolled in fiberglass insulation), so I should be able to compliment my rice and beans diet with some exercise again, at least until I start Phase II, in which I'll get the background put in. And in case you are wondering about how I have managed to doctor a tattoo in a place I can't reach, I had my girlfriend do it. And prior to her arrival, I used a spatula.

--The Robo-Pirate


ANDREW M. said...

glad to hear you finally got your tattoo. i'm assuming you went with the galleon idea you talked about months back? i'd love to see some pics if that is at all possible. if not, you can send a scab or two to my PO box and i can rearrange them to get a general idea of the piece.

keep it clean, keep it dry, and keep the scratching to a minimum - is my best advice. i know when i first started getting tattooed (2 days after my 18th b-day) i was very much in the paranoid realm of thought where i was convinced i had to put the antibiotic shit on 5 times a day cause i was a-feared that it would get infected and distorted. such is not the case. the ab ointment is ok for the first couple of days, but the best way to preserve it is clean, dry (including in the shower, if you can help it,) and leaving it alone. good luck with it, and welcome to the team (the "people with tattoos team." we meet the third tuesday of every month in the parking lot of dunkin' donuts on 'ole highway 41. bring a thermos. it's a blast.)

Liz said...

I completely agree about the stuck at 17 music tastes. I still add stuff but those are my favorites by far. Like you I don’t have even a sliver of my iPod filled. I think that is more of a man thing, my brother gets angry because his smaller and is already full. Think he wants me to switch. Good luck with all your healthy resolutions. Mine would be more like no more than three desserts a night.

Wink said...

A spatula! Ha!