Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Grampus, My Beloved Mobile Oven

I finally got around to taking the Grampus into the shop to get its A/C fixed, having been told by Will the brilliant but unreliable mechanic who works with my friend Cliff that it was likely just a short.

Quoth Ruben, who looked into the matter today, "I checked it all, but the compressor doesn't work."

Apparently, compressors do not grow on trees. Ruben told me it would be about $1,100 to get a new one and install it. Now I don't mind driving around sweating, as I have been doing it since May, but Kerry and Eric (said in that "duh!" voice children are so fond of using) think it's better to drive without losing ten pounds of water weight. Pussies, that's what I think.

Anyhow, there is no way I'm fixing that thing if it costs eleven-hundred fucking dollars. Now Kerry, who doesn't know how much this will cost said a month ago, "Maybe we should just buy a new one and make payments," implicitly expressing a rather optimistic view of our band's potential longevity. Ain't gonna happen, nor will fixing the A/C. Sweat we shall.

--The Robo-Pirate


Liz said...

Think I am with you. How often are you in it anyway? I went 2 summers in my car w/ no AC and no garage/covered parking. Thought I was going to die. People loved seeing me show up with sweat dripping off my face. Makes a great impression.

jen said...

wlnBut deep down you know that the sweat beads that have gathered in your arms hairs - drives the girls wild

Robo-Pirate said...

Easy for you to say. You have a mint in your armpit.

jen said...

But think of the sticky mess when I get a case of the sweats - YUCK