Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hey! Mine is fulla thumbtacks!!!!

So one aspect of my job involves writing titles and descriptions for internet search terms. I typically get a list of keywords for whatever company's campaign I'm working on and write the stuff that pops up as a sponsored link when you type it in Yahoo, Google or MSN. These lists always include terms that make me scratch my head in bewilderment because of their specificity, unwieldiness or general idiocy. Today, as I was cruising through a list that had to do with frozen gourmet seafood, I encountered this gem:

Seafood stuffed crab shells.

Aren't crab shells already stuffed with seafood? On account of being full of crab? As if you might crack open a crab shell and discover a bunch of lettuce or loose change.

I'm just saying is all.

--The Robo-Pirate


Liz said...

That’s funny. I bet it is interesting what you find. By the way, “I’m just saying” is one of my favorite phrases. It tends to negate everything said previously in a subtle way.

Mikey said...

Yeah, thats kinda like when you go out to eat at a nice restaurant and the server is goin' down the list of all the specials and stuff, and they get to the halibut. "It's fresh frozen." they'd say. This always confused the hell out of me. Is it fresh? or frozen? fresh frozen. What is that? Is that the opposite of stale-frozen?
Man, we got one screwed up language.

The lady will have the seafood stuffed crab shells.....or wait, she wants the chicken stuffed crab shells, and I will have the fresh frozen swordfish......oh, and two zimas....thank you very much.

Parks said...

How about "Glass Head" - that one is your favorite and you know it.

Robo-Pirate said...

hahahahahaha--I forgot about glass head. I'm pretty sure you guys didn't consider that people would use those to drink beer out of.