Wednesday, November 30, 2005

This is probably a dumb post when I have other things to write about buuuut....

....I think, in terms of iconic symbolism, musical representation and overall coolness, Black Flag is the best band name ever.

Also, I really, really hate the word schnockered. Can't we just say drunk? Hammered, shithoused, shitcanned, plowed, plastered, wasted, geez--even bombed, but please, stop saying schnockered. It's the sort of word that is said with sneering self-righteousness by those guys who stayed in the dorm playing penuchle on Saturday nights when the rest of the floor was out sucking down trashcan punch and keystones and getting turned down by girls.

In hindsight, I probably should've spent more time with the penuchle-playing guys. I'd probably be an billionaire astronaut by now.

--The Robo-Pirate


Mikey said...

Black Flag Rules! Yes, schnockered, has a kind of ivy league tone to it. I like to say: Get hammied!,

ANDREW M. said...

never heard schnockered before. seems like a word i'd have great difficulty pronouncing while schnockered.

me and my pal cap'n cliff always favored the term "stewed mickey."
as in "we were pretty stewed mickey last night" or "if we keep drinking this bourbon, we're gonna get stewed to the mickey!" think he got that saying from his gramps as it has that "old guy feeling" to it.

A Person said...

Steve, i'm having a penuchle tournament tonight at my priests house--please come