Saturday, December 23, 2006

The end of my Wooderson phase. Funny pictures and title tags included!

I've been growing beards on and off for the past few years. Once they start to approach gnarly status, I try to trim them, fuck them up and then shave them off. I grow beards partly because I continue to get fatter; beards are good for several things, but they are really good at distracting people from added poundage. In fact, it's possible that Vikings and wizards grew gnarly beards because they were self-conscious about double-chins. Another reason why I grow beards is that they are totally awesome.

Anyway, I got rid of the beard and the accompanying longish non-haircut (seen here in this file photo) in an effort to look a little more professional for work. I had recently been pegged as a doppelganger for the Burger King, and while I did receive all the accolades you would expect, I was a little embarrassed when I had to lead a meeting looking like a roadie for Molly Hatchet. Trust me, it wasn't nearly as cool as it sounds. So I cleaned up, or rather I at least cleaned up the hair and the beard. I still kept the mustache.

Now mustaches can be cool, and I think mine falls within the parameters of coolness. Plus, I drive a shitty van, which practically demands that I have one. This isn't my first mustache, but it's the longest time I've kept one, post-beard. I thought I could hack it until the new year, but I bailed, and it went down the sink this morning.

Here's why:

Since Wednesday, I have been in Lodi visiting my family for Christmas. My stay has been punctuated by two developments. The first was a giant, underground, pulsating zit on my cheek right next to my nose. It is so large and red that if I were to stand on a traffic island, I'm confident that cars would stop and wait for the zit to turn green. When one's face has such a captivating topographic feature, it doesn't really need anything else to draw attention to it. So I started thinking, hey, you're going to be seeing relatives later--maybe you should lose the molestache.

The other development that sealed the deal was a trip I made to the scale. Now I know I've put on some weight. I tried on some old suit pants recently; the button and hook were about as likely to hook up as Jerry Falwell and Harvey Fierstein. Last time I checked, I was in the low 180s, but this time, the scale showed 197. And that was after I had been to the toilet. So I started jogging. I figured I'm here for a week; I might as well be productive, especially since I'll be eating (figurative language alert) copious amounts of crap for the next few days.

So there I was, running around my parents subdivision, calves clenching, sweat streaming, lungs giving me dirty looks. I had a motivational iPod mix that went from warm-up speed (Tijuana Brass Band) to Run to the Hills. I was pumped. I was driven. I was even visualizing. As I puffed past the neighborhood park, there were, several middle-schoolers pretending to play on the swingset. And in a fantastic example of karmic retribution, the lead-twerp said, "Nice mustache, douche."

"The kids these days!" I said to myself, quickly realizing that not only did I look like an old man, but I that I thought like one, too. And of course, because my life isn't a movie, I didn't stop to deliver any of the clever remarks I made in the imaginary scenarios that unfolded in my head as I ran away. But here they are, anyway, and writing them out makes me feel twice as lame, if that is even possible.

Scenario 1:

"Nice mustache, douche!"

"Thanks! Good thing for you that I have one."

"Why's that?"

"Because if I shave it off, I'm overcome with an uncontrollable urge to kill kids."

Scenario 2:

"Nice mustache, douche!"

"Thanks! It looks great on your mom's vagina!"

Scenario 3:

"Nice mustache, douche!"

"What must--oh..... I must have just grown it."

"What do you mean just grown it?"

"Well, my mustache is sort of a warning. It immediately appears in the presence of kids who are going to grow up to be ballsucking queers."

Scenario 4:

"Nice mustache, douche!"

"Thanks. Say, you know how certain frogs are brightly colored to warn predators not to bother them, you know because they're poisonous?"


"Well, see, mustaches are like that because they're supposed to let you know that I like to slap the shit out of smartass little kids."

Woulda, coulda shoulda... and the mustache, no longer mighty in the sum of its parts, swirled about the porcelain basin, drowning in rusty hole of shame.

Guess I'll get started on the next one.

--The Robo-Pirate


Wink said...

Oh my gosh - hilarious! As much as I dig the facial creativity you sport from time to time, you're perfectly adorable clean-shaven.

Still, I wonder if the growing-a-beard thing would work to mask the 20 pounds I've packed on? I'm willing to bet people would definitly not notice the squish then.

jen said...

Well... I must say that I never thought a blog on facial hair would catch my interest. I personally like Scenario 2. No one ever likes when their moms is insulted.

Just a bit of advice... As I have learned the hard way. When delivering clever remarks, plz make sure the receiving party is not a bunch of All Star Track Runners.

I thought it would be funny to pop-off to the creepy pickle guy and he chased a friend and me to my car. Literally chased us and the creep ran really fast. So just make sure you can out run. Kthx

Liz said...

I think that is the only pictures of you I have ever seen. You don't quite have the porno mustache yet. I wish you luck with it.

Bringing up one's mother when replying to insults is always a good choice.

What is it with people that use the word douche? Must be a CA thing. It is all over YT.