Saturday, December 23, 2006

Look, a post! In half-assed list format!

A List of Super-Rare Wishlist Items That You Probably Won't Get No Matter How Good You Are

1. Enriched uranium

2. Dilithium crystals

3. Stradivarius violin (apparently you can get one here.)

4. Clemency

5. Liver transplant

6. Cop when you need one

7. Chance to do college over

8. Wisecracking pet griffin

9. Eternal youth for Bob Barker

10. Grimace-hide cowboy boots

11. Invulnerability

12. Wings that work

13. Bill Waterson's return

14. Dino DNA!

15. For mopey, one-handed whiner to join you and rule the galaxy as father and son

16. A way out of this crappy deal memo

17. A "yes" answer to your prayer

18. For uppity rock critic to like your band

19. Indiana Jones IV

20. For 2008 to roll around so you can retire to your Crawford ranch and finally build that potato gun.

--The Robo-Pirate

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