Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Swedish Chef

You know you're a crappy cook when you manage to make something cooked in a crockpot taste terrible. I know this to be true because the chicken I simmered in mine all day yesterday was pretty unappetizing.

Before you ask, the chicken wasn't bad. It had five days until it expired. I also chopped up part of a garlic clove and half an onion and dumped them in there with some cayenne pepper, so it had some seasoning.

For whatever reason, this combination caused a blue-gray film to appear on some parts of the chicken. Most people probably toss their chicken if it develops weird crockpot scum, but when one is more-or-less a bipedal carp, one keeps an open mind. As the nausea started to roil in my belly, I jotted a quick note in my journal detailing what I ate in case I happened to die during the night.

I should probably stick to making toast.

--The Robo-Pirate


jen said...

that sounds really really gross...

maybe you should have a girl cook for you

flippinwatermom said...


Liz said...

Ugg... Yea, the blue color is never a good sign when related to food. But I know how it is when you go to all the trouble to cook it, you hate to throw it out without eating it. Should have seen my pecan muffins a week ago. Then again the prepackaged ingredients were 4 years old.